YOUR CONSULTANT IS Shannon & Bryan Carder

My Story

"You don't have to be great to start - but you have to start to be great!"


I was first introduced to Scentsy around 2009 when my sister hosted a home party. My mother in law and I thought, let's go see what this is all about! I was super excited to try these new wickless candles that I had never seen before! I have always been a candle person - I mean who doesn't like candles? I love for my home to smell good and the glow of a candle was always so relaxing. The idea of using something that was electric also seemed like a much better and safer idea.When my husband and I moved to North Carolina, I knew one of my friends was with Scentsy and I was in need of some new bars. We started talking and that's when I knew this was something I should give a chance. She got me SO excited about Scentsy! The products are simple, wick-free, FUN, and a safer alternative to traditional candles! I already enjoyed using the product personally, but I was even more excited to get started on my new journey! Actually, I was wondering how she convinced me - I had never sold a thing in my life! Was she crazy..or was I? The night before, I was on the phone with my mother in law (yep, she went with me to the first home party) and I was letting her know my concerns. She asked me "What do you have to lose?!" So on September 1st, 2011, I started my journey with Scentsy Fragrance! That day, I went over to my friend's house who I joined with, and we went over the start up guide, the workstation that we use, and the awards that Scentsy offers. I told myself that I wanted to reach these goals to prove to myself that I could do it & immediately started to plan them. When my starter kit came in, I was like a kid on Christmas morning opening up all of the testers and the catalogs for the starting season. I ended up selling $500 within my first 15 days & earned the Shooting Star award. I even had my first team member sign up around this time! But I wasn't trying to build up my team - this was just my hobby...Or so I thought!


I had my first launch party on September 26th, 2011 when we went home to South Carolina. My family and friends were there to support me on the start of my new business. And of course to see the new catalog!  Even though it was with people I knew, I was super nervous because I had never done anything with direct sales before. Everyone had a blast smelling the testers and talking about all of the new product! My total sales were $633! With all of the rewards, I used them to begin building my own personal inventory.

My next goal - Scentsational Start. I remember that I kept shooting for Level 1 and 2. My director asked me "Why short yourself - shoot for Level 3!" That was exactly what I was doing, selling myself short. So on my 70th day, I earned Scentsational Start Level 3. I had $2500 in sales and 6 team members within my first 70 days of joining. This was super exciting to me! I was sharing the excitement with my friends and family, meeting personal goals, and showing the opportunity I had been blessed with. This is when I knew that I wanted to actually make Scentsy not only a hobby, but more of a business.

In my first 6 months, I hit Independent SuperStar Consultant. And in my first year, I hit Director - one of my goals that I had from day 1, but never imagined reaching. I have had nothing but amazing support from my team members and my upline directors. They know how much I appreciate those phone calls - whether 5 minutes or 1 hour - for support, ideas, comments, questions - you name it - they were there for me!


In July 2013,  I attended my first Scentsy Family Reunion (convention) in Indianapolis, Indiana. I knew I wanted to better my business and become even more successful.This was a HUGE boost to my business. I came home and talked things over with my husband about what Scentsy could offer our family, and together we are now a husband and wife team! He has always supported me with my business but even more so now! Thanks to Scentsy, I not only am able to help contribute to our household income, but to provide extra money for the holidays, family vacations, sports/memberships for the kids, and to allow me to stay at home with our kids - which has been what I've always wanted! I have also been able to travel to our different special training events all over. What is so great about these trips are not only for the benefit of my business, but that I can spend time with some of my closest friends; most of them are friends that we wouldn't get to see otherwise being stationed all over. And finally meeting new people from our groups, and meeting new people to network with!

My motivation comes from my team, my love for this company, and all that Scentsy does for it's consultants as we grow everyday! It amazes me that after just 13 short years, how many lives - including mine- it has changed. In a time of trial and economic downfall; Scentsy remains a shining star, growing and setting a new standard every day. The company continues to present new and exciting products & opportunities through adding sister companies, becoming a Scentsy Family. We are now taking over the world by expanding to Canada, Australia, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, Austria, and New Zealand! I knew that with this company that I had potential to be successful! My journey with Scentsy is only just beginning and I encourage anyone who has even thought about it - don't make excuses to wait until tomorrow, next week, or next month! Your opportunity is knocking so open the door & let me help you do it! I am proof that it is possible the sky is truly the limit - reach for it with me! I cannot tell you enough how much of a blessing Scentsy has been to us these past 6 years! Looking back to 2011, I don't know how my friend got me to join - but I can tell you one thing, not once have I looked back & regretted my decision. Nor did I imagine any of what I have accomplished these past 6 years possible. I have made friends that make this journey even sweeter. These friends have become like family to me. I have been truly blessed because of Scentsy!


Ask yourself these questions:

What would you do with $100 extra every week/month?

-I stay at home with our kids so this is a huge help to have extra money coming in for bills, groceries, gas, and any extra family activites.

If I could make one personal wish come true, what would it be?

-To be able to take my family to Disney! Sure, my husband's salary would be enough but saving my income from Scentsy alowed me to take them twice! The look on my kid's faces -that was HUGE for me!

Am I happy in my job, or is it time I quit working to make other people rich?

-Of course I had a few jobs I enjoyed before, but I never felt that any of them were what I wanted to do forever. With Scentsy, I set my own hours, can earn free trips, meet amazing people all over, and actually enjoy myself! 

Your story begins today...


Current Goals: 
Further my business and become an Independent SuperStar Director!

Shooting Star Award: Scentsy Fragrance September 2011
Certified Consultant: September 2011
Monthly Mentor Award: October 2011
Lead Consultant: October 2011
Top "Group" Recruiter for D2R: October 2011
Scentsational Start Level 3: November 2011
Star Consultant: November 2011
SuperStar Consultant: March 2012
Director: November 2012
Shooting Star Trainer Award: Scentsy Fragrance
Shooting Star Trainer Award: Grace Adele
Monthly Sales Award
Director Consistency Bonus x2
Star Director: September 2015

My FIRST incentive trip - Cancun, Mexico! January 2015
My SECOND incentive trip - Cozumel, Mexico! January 2016
My THIRD incentive trip - Disney World! June 2016

Where we have traveled:

Richmond, Virginia (Spring Sprint)- February 2012
Charlotte, North Carolina (Spring Sprint) February 2013/2014
Indianapolis, Indiana(Reunion) - July 2013
St. Louis, Missouri (Reunion)- July 2014
Fort Lauderdale, Florida /Cozumel Mexico (Incentive) - January 2016
Raleigh, North Carolina (World Tour) - February 2016
Boise/Meridian Idaho (Director Boot Camp #30) - April 2016
Disney/Orlando Florida(Incentive) - June 2016
Nashville, Tennessee (Reunion) - July 2016
New York City, New York (Leadership)- January 2017
North Charleston, South Carolina (World Premiere) - January 2017
Kansas City, Missouri (Reunion) - July 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana (Leadership) - January 2018

Up next:
Charlotte, North Carolina (World Tour) - February 2018
Anaheim, California (Reunion) - July 2018


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